Sharon Stewart

Lightworker, Astral Incarnate, Channeler, Blue Ray, Wayshower, Light Warrior, Author

When Ivo came through and introduced himself in 2015, Sharon awakened to her purpose on earth and the reason for all she has gone through. Looking back through her past through a new perspective of an awakened extaterrestrial consciousness, Ivo helped her to make sense of her life, and she shares what she has learned with you.

​Through her etheric/3D implant and plasma connection to Ivo, Sharon has been channeling information ever since. As the implant works on high frequencies only, she now enjoys working relationships with many other extraterrestrials/universals as well – the growing Implant Communications team! Well connected in the galaxy as Tiannia of Vega, 12D priestess of Vega, with connections to many more beings of love, watch for Sharon’s reports of reconnecting with her friends who she loved but forgot as she left to fulfill her role upon earth.

Ivo’s mandate for earth is to help awaken lightworkers and to help humanity as we ascend towards 5D, and Sharon is key in this. The only being able to channel him, they work as a team to spread information to awaken and enlighten all on earth.

Ivo and Sharon have written channeled books to provide information to Lightworkers and starseeds who want to know why they are on earth, what is happening as they undergo Ascension and what will happen on 4D earth as GESARA law is implemented. Available where e-books are sold. Videos on youtube.


Life Pod with plasma link, currently housing Tiannia’s body, in stasis

Christine Kesara Dennett, a psychic artist who created a portrait of Ivo, says this about Sharon:

“I see the skin of a human but within is an extraterrestrial being.  I see the power of your energy and the purpose is so very strong. This purpose seems to belong to a path of discovery and truth.

It seems that life has been in levels of opening wider and wider the channel of your Karcha (or spelled Karsha).  The word comes from an extraterrestrial spiritual chart of the Human energy channels.  Much like chakras, Karsha is the crown chakra.  It is a channel that is found at the top of your crown or top of your head.  This channel is opening like an aperture allowing information from your solar system and counter part to communicate.

When I hear the voice of Ivo I feel your connection is one.  I almost feel as though you are Ivo or your people you are from is a part of Ivo. 

I see you inside a containment field and the field is energy.  It has an umbilical cord of focused plasma that transcends the structure of reality as we on Earth know.  This cord has been feeding you energy and information for a very long time.  It was when you reached a pinnacle of awareness that the information of light could be translated into your consciousness.  The functionality of this process created some life long dis-harmony.  It was necessary in order to acclimate the physical body to the alternate light body energy inside the containment field.  There Ivo has been monitoring your progress. (Ivo tells me that Tiannia’s body is in a type of coma.)

I can see him (Ivo).  He has long hair, it is white like yours. He is very much attached to you in a loving and important way.  His healing energy has penetrated into your body and projects outward from your chest area.  I also see a huge ball of energy in your solar plexus that rotates when he is channeling information into you. (I feel this too)

I see you (your extraterrestrial body) inside the energy pod.  I have a view of the room your energy pod is in.  It is a large room and very organic.  The walls are soft and alive emitting a kind of energy through the substance they are made of.  It is pulsing and pure. 

I received so much layered information I was unable to process it.  I get the feeling this is what you go through. Ok I am seeing how you channel the information, amazing!!!! I really am in awe of you.

Your ET body is in stasis, and part of its spirit, so to speak, is in you. (I have since learned that Tiannia, my star twin from Vega who is in stasis while I am alive here on this earth, and I share a higher self. There is one higher self for the two of us, so we are one person. I believe there are other starseeds and lightworkers configured the same way. I’m not unique.)

I do see groups of people, I feel as though you have been on an extraterrestrial ship and your physical body has been under observation.  I think maybe to calculate the environmental effect on human beings. They examine you through a beam of light that reads your cellular progress through your life.  I also see you being fed certain minerals and foods not of this Earth.  (I believe they not only monitor this process; they keep me alive. My feeling is I would have died quite a while ago had it not been for their interventions.)

(Ivo) He seems to be a 
key figure whose purpose is to educate and change situations on Earth through you.  I do see intervention occurring with some ETs on a ship that is under his command. 

I think you have much to share with so many people.  I am so happy for us all to be honored with your channels.”  

Christine Kesara Dennett (

Sharon here: I have also learned that I have descended from the twelfth dimension to incarnate here on earth, originally in the third dimension. Through subsequent lifetimes, Ivo and I have worked our way down to the fourth dimension where he remains now and I went on to be born on earth in the third. I have also spent at least one lifetime as Denara, a Sirian, studying in the Sirian Mystery Schools and this is where I met and was mentored by Ashtar Sheran. 

I am a mother to two Vegan children with Ivo, so I had Christine create their portrait. I’ve been having feelings of vague familiarity as I look at it, and I’m hoping that seeing their images will help me break through my amnesia to remember my galactic self and my life with Ivo and our children as Tiannia (pronounced Chee-an-ay-a). 

Athena, Greek Goddess

So I’ve had this confirmed by Rick and I will tell the group. Rick has always known. He just let me find out for myself in my own time, and I’ll just add that that’s the way the ascension process should be: you come to understand your multidimensional reality in pieces, otherwise the shock might be too much for you.

I’ve always wondered why I’m so close to Ashtar Sheran, and why I was told by Debbie Polelli that me and Archangel Michael go down to the Abyss and fight the dark. Why I can speak to God, Jesus or anyone else I want to, divine or extraterrestrial.

I found out today that I have an “angel of the highest order,” he called himself, and his name is Hieronymous (I’m going with “Ron”). I checked and found the angels of the highest order are mother and father God’s personal army. I have one assigned to me.

I’ve been going through a big growth of awareness lately, since we started love bombing, and have come to realize that I’m an incarnation of Athena, daughter of Zeus, Goddess of Wisdom and War. Myth was not myth; I believe they were a group of Lyrans and/or Vegans who came to earth and were revered as gods.

I’m wondering why I would have these two titles – Wisdom and War – because to me, they contradict each other, so I guess that’s another thing I’m going to have to figure out.

I guess she is my highest aspect, my highest power.

I’m here as a light warrior, embodiment of the empowered Divine Feminine.

The other thing that Ashtar has already told me is that he’s mated with Athena’s granddaughter, so I’d be like his grandmother-in-law. LOL


Ashtar Command’s Work Around Earth

They are doing this along with the Alliance, who are working with the Galactics or separately to ferret out dark ETs and move them off of this planet. Taking the DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Base) is part of this operation.

Ashtar Sheran and Me

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Ashtar Sheran as portrayed by Christine Kesara Dennette

I’m reposting Christine Dennett‘s channeling of my question to Ashtar Sheran: How do I know you and from where? Along with a portrait, she also can do meditation notes answering the questions you want to know about yourself, your relation to the person she’s portraying or about the person she’s portraying.

You’ll see here a description of the lessons to be learned in the different layers of this universe (He says, “I am a teacher of 12 layers” – which is this universe or multiverse). He mentions Jesus as well in his good friend Sananda.

There is information here for everybody so I think it’s worth reposting. (De Von Aquila is Italian for Divine Eagle, his name for me but he speaks a Pleiadian dialect as a mother tongue which is probably what Christine was hearing. I don’t hear their accents because my implant translates everything into my English with slight variations in voice for each person I channel.)

Ashtar Sheran

“I know ‘De Vona Quila’ otherwise known as Sharon Stewart of Earth, a light worker for the Galactic Union. From Vega 5th verse plane of reality, based in the fabricated layer of Divine level Shinkar.

Sirian Schools of higher understanding in Divine planes, dimensions, and inner worlds is taught in Shinkar. Shinkar is a very protected space and dimension assigned for students all over the Divine Universe.

The lessons contain for the initiates
Tier one;
Understanding present state of being.
The Origin of all life and form.
Remembering who you really are.
Learning how to transform for lifetime knowledge and research.
Organized molecular manifestation on infinite levels of form.
Understanding the higher purpose of choice in those standard states of being and what your higher goals are.
Memorizing, living, and mastering the seven states of Heavenly life.
Begin the work of raising levels of matrix and energy states within a more heavy core existence such as Earth.
There are infinite numbers of tiers for learning once the original Soul Source has absorbed and integrated the initiate’s lessons.
Each person, being, or form that reaches this state of evolution will go on to the next tier.

We are multi-dimensional and so are the worlds and phase platforms within the Universe. There are layers and layers reaching outward into the Infinite Universe interacting with each other on all levels and qualities of energy.
The most basic forms of existence can be fluid, clear, static, solid, the list is not limited. Only the ability of your birth body and mind can perceive to a certain extent. In order to understand the more abstract forms of life, one would need to acclimate form to perceive.
I have access to 12 forms of life experience. I am a teacher of 12 tiers in the Universe.
With you I am associated with on the 7th tier.
You have gone through the initiate tier one in another lifetime on another planet other than Earth. It is a more astral existence.
Your 2nd tier took two life cycles to reach the innate abilities of Phase jumping from one parallel space to another. Understanding the basic principle of acclimating to each phase through shifting bodies.

The 3d tier expanded into 3 lives living simultaneously. One very primitive on a reptilian planet, the second on a liquid planet where most of life lived deep within the surface, and the third on my planet of light. Here your lesson was understanding the different qualities of those lives and the effect they had on your Matrix.

It is this Planet of light I know you most. Here was the time of my teaching for you. I keep track of you even now because your passion for learning this particular tier was deep. Understanding the qualities of good, neutral, and evil was foremost in your learning.

In the 4th tier your first lifetime on Earth took place as a human being. There you became a Goddess Seer. This time was intense because in Earth history it was the time of worship and sacrifice. The time of Atlantis. (My name was Anara). It was a time of learning to channel. You learned how to reach the higher realms of connection through a very dense realm filled with distractions of human nature.

In the fifth tier you started to master the art of choosing different lifetimes on different planets and planes of existence. Forming and understanding that some choices must be made carefully as to not diminish the inherent knowledge you gained from tiers 1, 2, 3, and 4. You became a kind of witness on a very high Etheric level observing lives and how their choices effected their Karmic memories.

On tier 6 you learned about the value of changing the state of true darkness into a new state of light. Working on several levels of lifetimes seeing the vast array of energy manipulations for healing and Evolution.

(I feel this in my breathing, so I think it was in a place of living air)

Finally reaching tier 7 reaching out to the Divine Family. Finding in your state of existence others that ride upon the same ray of light as you do. This is not isolated to just Earth Family but it is very Universal. It is a time of “Right” influence upon others.
Right influence involves working the healing on a very nonjudgemental level.
Releasing and clearing within then outside.
It is like the moving of waves on the ocean. The cyclic movement can be calm and pure or violent and destructive.
A very important time to learn especially on Earth.

I would speak of the past but it is not very useful in the reality of the moment. It is very important to understand this.Our relationship is in the moment on many levels. To go back and review what you have passed is part of tier 7. Utilized your inherent knowledge and know the absolute.

Earth is in a process of clearing. It is also a living entity with strands of energy in all she creates. Your Earth body is her. The experiences and choices that human beings make, social structures, suffering, and lifestyle, is evolving. The crescendo of its frequency reflects the Earth Mother’s Body of Evolving Energy. She is stepping it up.

Sananda sends healing and aid to her. His love for Earth and all that exists is one of his most precious jewels. The darker energies that seem to coincide within the Earth Matrix are reforming and disseminating. The effect can be painful and hard. But in this evolution there is a higher state of being. That is why I am with you. To stabilize the change.

Positive force of thought is the key lesson in Tier 7 on Earth. It reaches outward into everything including the Universe. Making Earth more Astral and Etheric. Through this dimension shift more so called extraterrestrials will have access. Higher forms of human and associations will come into existence. It is a fascinating and magical time to live on Earth.

I send you my love in every moment of your present life now. Enjoy this time.”

Ashtar Sheran

“I wanted to leave a note that some of the words I heard may be off. The accent was extremely thick. I originally heard him speak another language and some of it was not heard but seen and felt.”
Christine Kesara Dennett

Ivo of Vega: Stop Attacking Your Creation

I channeled Ivo over a lesson in the Course in Miracles. It was a review lesson but so succinctly expressed that I picked up on it better than the original lesson.

In our video, it refers to the mind being creatively misused and I have to keep reminding myself, just coming out of duality, that the creative mind is the higher mind and there is only one mind, which aligns with God’s mind. We are all One. Unity thinking. Of course Jesus is a Unity thinker.

Becoming Multi-dimensional – Full of surprises!

I’m telling you, turning into a multi-dimensional is a trip!

I just spoke to a couple 4th dimensional beings who were past lives of Ivo and I and I feel like I’ve got some new friends. I feel much more on a par with them than I do with even Ivo!! Still ahead of where we on earth are now, they can teach me more stuff but their energy feels like I’ve got new best friends!

I spoke to Layona tonight, who’s from Bellatrix from long ago (around the time the Vegans left the Lyran constellation to create new settlements in other solar systems, to ensure the continuation of the human species in light of the draconian threat after the Lyran wars started) and even her slightly higher perspective is helpful to me.

When I asked her, “What did you do?” She replied: “You look at life as something that you do. We look at life as something that we are. We are life. We’re not doing life.”

I’ve put the entire conversation in a pdf if you’d like to read it. I found it a really different perspective considering I always talk to higher dimensional galactics, and I liked it.

One thing that cracks me up is Ivo’s aspect, Gayeng is more aggressive than Ivo would ever be now. He liked rough sports. Ivo wouldn’t. I heard Layona laughing when I cussed out my computer for slowing down. Ivo doesn’t laugh at these things. He tolerates my anger but feels I’ll learn to do better.

I can’t wait to channel Denarra and Ramon, who are 5th or 6th dimensionals. I can get a real party going!

The link’s here.…/9/6/5/5/96555854/layona.pdf

Layona and Gayeng were portrayed by Christine Dennett.

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3D Ego Games

Ego games. A sure fire way to know you’re stuck in 3D.

I like to go and have coffee at the local coffee chain (Tim Hortons’ in case anyone cares.) I like to sit outside in the sunshine and get a tan. Sometimes it’s pretty hot like today and I think maybe I should move inside.

I could but if I’m in there I have to be very careful. I’ve hung out at enough coffee shops to know what goes on in there and I’m having no part of it.

I used to think that when people got older they stop being horny and wanting sex. Guess what? That’s not true! Now that I’m older and still alone, I seem to catch the eye of some of the older men in these places.

I have sat and watched men flirt with me while their wives just sit there watching them!! I feel awful for her and figure that maybe they’ve exchanged a secure old age for a philandering liar (remember “Till death do us part?”) or she naively thinks she has nothing to worry about. Or maybe she doesn’t care or maybe she’s getting some on the side as well. I don’t know. But I’ve been hit on enough times to tell her she does have something to worry about.

Maybe she doesn’t want to face her vulnerability. I don’t know.

I can tell you, that there are often ego games going on between the men in the group or groups that frequent these coffee shops. “I’ll get her first! Just sit there and watch me! She’s mine.” I just say no if they ever approach me.

I feel like getting a bumper sticker for my car that says, “My other car is a UFO!” or telling them that I’m with someone but he’s from another planet. That actually is the truth so I wouldn’t be lying or manipulative.

I won’t get involved in this kind of stuff. I want nothing to do with it. I know how they view me and that’s their problem.

Walk away from 3D. It’s not worth it. That’s my opinion.

What’s the Payoff?

What are you getting out of this?

Yes, ask yourself that every time you interact with someone, every time you want to do something, you want to reach out and help.

I’m not saying to be selfish. On the contrary. What I’m saying is to examine your motivation for everything you do. Yes, everything. Because when you do, you understand yourself a lot better, at a more intimate level and you understand why you do what you do and how you can do more of what you love and less of what you don’t love.

The other thing I’ve learned to look at when I was in the 12 steps was what they termed a type of benefit – a payoff. For example, if I start chaos with someone, arguing with them – like I remember the time I got a speeding ticket after starting an argument with my father – I was still angry and got in the car in a huff and drove home.

The payoff I got out of it wasn’t the ticket and the points off my license, no, but it was I got to go binge on chocolate and smoke cigarettes which were my addictions at the time, the ones I couldn’t indulge in at my parents’ house. Manipulating my father into fighting with me was easier than telling my parents I didn’t want to even be there in the first place. We were in the habit of visiting on Saturdays – every Saturday – because that’s what my mother wanted. So I had to spend the whole day there instead of doing what I wanted.

Eventually I took care of that problem as well, but that’s another story.

Look for the payoff in everything you do. There are hidden messages you need to get honest about with yourself and others. What I did was highly manipulative and a reaction to their control over me. Not standing in my power but it was part of the process.

GESARA Compliance

I think I figured it out. Maybe Ivo helped me. I’m hearing, “I did.”

As far as GESARA compliance goes, there are international targets controlled by the Cabal : religion, military (esp. American), world banking and national governments – ALL HAVE TO BECOME GESARA COMPLIANT and the dark cabal removed and sent to trial. So first, there’s the international and national government level.

We set up these systems and these same systems will be used to create GESARA compliance.

So, once the government of each country is GESARA compliant and the corrupt operatives removed from power, each government is tasked with creating GESARA compliance in each of its departments: like ecology, child welfare, healthcare, etc etc.

In Canada healthcare is in the provincial folder, not national, so I guess the system would remain the same. Provided the downloading stops because there’s a lot of downloading responsiblities from higher to lower levels of government.

Then you get either state or provincial government becoming GESARA compliant within their portfolios. So for Ontario it would be healthcare. We have provincial utilities companies so that would be their responsibility, not the Canadian government’s.

Then there are city by-laws as well.

It’s going to take time to change all of this, folks. It won’t happen overnight. The corrupt will be exposed on more and more levels and I guess once people figure out someone’s actually listening to their complaints, they might get some satisfaction for speaking up for a change.